Spring ski & snowboard maintenance

As soon as the turn of winter and spring comes, the milder winter (spring) weather is worsening skiing conditions. Hand in hand with that comes the need to take proper care of your skis, alpine or Nordic, or a snowboard. Simply saying, it’s harder to slide down a soft, watery piste than a hard piste covered with frozen snow. Whereas on the hard piste we needed to brake our skis or good edge grip while turning which takes regular edge polishing along with well-chosen bevelling, the soft piste requires something which will accelerate our slide (or ascending on XC skis). The quickly melting spring snow will leave redundant water on ski or snowboard base and it must be taken away (see the chapter on base structuring). Apart from regular and appropriate waxing it will be ensured by applying coarser structure on the ski or snowboard base. This will prevent suction which is essential when we want not only slide but ascend on our skis while running. Timely restructuring through stone grinding will guarantee that our skis or snowboard will be easy to handle and fairly fast as it was on real winter, frozen piste.

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