Monthly Archives: December 2014

Base Flattening

Placing a true bar (flatness tester) across ski or snowboard base and edges we can check its flatness. As long as edges are higher than a base, the base is so called concave, your ski (snowboard) tends to catch unxpectedly and the gear is hard to handle. On the contrary, the base which is higher than edges, so called convex base… Read more →

Base Cleaning and Preparation

Before ski or snowboard base flattening you need to remove an old wax from the base, otherwise the stone grit will be clogged with the wax and will not eat base. To do it you might use a liquid wax remover and non-woven fabrics towels (fiberlene). Alternatively for the remover application we can use fine (orange) fibertex which opens base pores… Read more →

Ski & Snowboard Fix

Ski & snowboard maintenance, edge tuning in particular, requires proper (and fast) fix, both in horizontal and vertical position, or at 60° if need be. For that purpose there are used special pro vises for Alpine and Nordic skis or snowboard. Alpine ski vises allow to fix skis under the binding, snowboards vises are more heavy-duty and wider, XC skis… Read more →

Frequency of Ski & Snowboard Maintenance

You best give your skis or a snowboard a care whenever you get back from a skiing trip. This will prevent base drying or turning grey and edge rusting. When you fish out of your closet a used board or skis which you dumped there after a trip without doing at least basic maintenance, you will see what’s the deal. Timely… Read more →