Edge Tuning

To remove nicks from ski or snowboard edges there are used extra coarse diamond files, the black – 220 grit, for less serious damage, and the grey – 120 grit, intended for deeper nicks.
After edge beveling burrs need to be removed from edges. Coarser diamond files will execute it well, the blue – 325 grit, followed by the fine, red – 600 grit. Alternatively, we can use alu-oxide stones, the pink – 80 grit, and the blue – 150 grit. To remove rust from edges, deburr or detune edges there’s used an abrasive rubber. It used to be used to detune edges at the tip and the end of skis right after the contact points, it shall prevent skis from catching during turning initiation. Now there’s recommended base beveling instead.
Edge sharpening and polishing is done by extra fine diamond files, the green – 1,200 grit, and the yellow and brown – 2,000 grit. Even better results might be achieved by so called Arkansas stones, which come from Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. Thanks to their true hardness and fine grit (hard 800 or translucent 1500mesh) we can produce real cutting edge.


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