Ski & snowboard repairs

Ski & Snowboard Repairs

Edge Replacement

The damaged edge section is cut off at the 45-degree angle to help hold the replacement in place. The spot under the replacement must be flattened. In an epoxy used for the edge glueing could be admixtured steel wool cut in pieces in order that the steel edge section bond better. The edge replacement is secured by screws and after the epoxy cures (overnight) the screw heads are cut off carefully and the rest grinded until flush with edge tabs. Then a base patch might be glued in if needed.


Top Repair

An epoxy adhesive might do the job. A hole or a nick in the top of your ski or snowboard is filled with the adhesive and after curing the spot is made flush with the gear top by a sandpaper of different grit.


Binding Repair

To repair a stripped out a ski or snowboard binding screw we have several options. The first aid is to blend steel wool into an epoxy and reinstall the screw. Another way is to hammer wooden plug into the hole (redrill it first if needed) and then to redrill and reinstall the screw. Probably tho most solid way is to drill 8-11 mm hole and insert a plastic or a brass plug into it and reinstall the screw.

  • Drill Bits for Alpine and Nordic Skis by v6.6

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