Side Edge Bevel

Precise, extra hard and efficient Swiss “Ice-Cut” files are used for side beveling as well in this case in combination with an alu race bevel guide. Using plastic inserts we can bevel angles 0-6 degrees (90-84°), in ½ degree increments.
The rule of thumb, the more sharp angle the less effort a skier a snowboarder needs to put in carving. Sharper bevel pays off on the iced slopes especially. The usual bevel is from 0-2°, rarely 3°, a smaller or zero bevel is used for beginners. Simply, the more advanced skier, the sharper angle can be beveled. Freestylists 0°, freeriders 1-2°, the most advanced skiers (racers) – DH 2-3° (all-mountain experts), slalom racers 3-4°. The final angle results from both, side and base bevel if applied.


  • Alu Tuning Guide Racing
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