All provided alpine ski, nordic ski or snowboard service is being executed manually, but solely with top-notch Swiss, German, American, Norwegian or French made tools. Such a fine hand-craft care for your skis or snowboard  is not only more thorough compared with machine work but also more sensitive to them (edge or base hand-grinding or hand-produced base structure doesn’t wear them down and prolongs your equipment’s  lifespan in spite of more frequent maintenance). On top of that, waxing is made in so-called hot bath which given the deeper penetration of special soft wax into a base  guarantee at least 300 km of qality skiing (in contrast to regular waxing good for 60 km). In comparison with other ski services in the town or ski resorts we are more than price competitive, so you could afford regular maintenance of your skis or snowboard, which is desirable not just for the sake of your tackle’s long life, but also in order to enhance your sport enjoyment through skiing. Get your tackle slicked up by us and we make sure you will feel the difference upon your very first ride.

Snowboard Service *
(Pick-up icluded ! )

Basic Snowboard Service

Base flattening and stone structuring70 CZK
Edge grinding and polishing (both side and base edge finishing)50 CZK
Waxing (base cleaning and polishing inlcuded)110 CZK
Base alpine structure (linear/cross/chaperone structure)50 CZK

Special Snowborad Service

Hot bath waxing (including cold and uni wax application) 220 CZK
Edge tuning (side/base bevel)50 CZK
Base repair over melting or ironing (small-scale base section damage)60 CZK
Base repair over patching (large-scale base section damage)110 CZK
Edge repair (ripped off edge, serious nicks)100 CZK

Other Services

Binding repair50 CZK
Binding mounting200 CZK

* Pick-up

Pick-up of snowboard within the city of Pilsen59 CZK
* Drop-off is negotiable.
 All services carried out usually within 3 days. 50 % surcharge on express service.