Base Edge Bevel

Base edge angle is beveled by titanium, X-chrome, so called Ice Cut files made in Switzerland a an aluminuim bevel guide, which is able to angle edge from 0 to 2°, in ¼ or ½ degree increments. On average, increasing base bevel helps to avoid an unexpected catch and brings about smoother and faster ride.
A bevel is chosen based on a skier’s or snowboarder’s level, riding style and slope preference. Beginners might have 1° bevel, they could use higher bevel but in case of decreasing it back you need to grind base as well. Speed skiing buffs appreciate at least ½ degree bevel, preferably ¾ or 1 degree, slalom racer kind of guys at most ½ degree (it may be combined with increased bevel at the tip and the end of a ski – 1°). The highest bevel is fitting freestylist – 1.5 or 2 degrees, an all-mountain expert  3/4 – 1°, a freerider might have 1° bevel or something variable, such as 0.5 under the binding and 2° at the ends.


  • Alu Vario Base Bevelling File Guide
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