Hot Box Waxing

The more wax you apply into a ski base while waxing the faster your skis or board will be, the longer the wax will endure inside and prevent the base from oxidation as well as its damage. The classic hot wax application is good for about 60 kilometers based on the aggressiveness (abrasiveness) of the snow covering the slopes we hit. But if you immerse your skis into a hot wax bath in a special hot box or a thermobag, the wax penetration and therefore wax endurance is 5 times higher in contrast to the classic hot waxing and it will be good for at least 300 kilometers.

The skis are dumped in a hot box where is set a constant temperature at about 65 degrees centigrade (140 Fahrenheit). This allows the special high quality base prep soft paraffin (melting at 63.5 °C) applied before penetrate deeply into the ski base. After switching off the heat source, the temperature inside the wax chamber falls slowly which adds to the wax penetration much more than in case the base was exposed to the immediate fall of the temperature based on the the room or outside conditions.

The hot wax bath is followed by ironing extremely hard (cold) wax the task of which is to hold the soft hot box paraffin inside the base as long as it gets. This wax protects the base effectively from oxidation or damage.  After scraping off this cold wax there is applied a regular, either universal or a wax based on the temperature of the day (hydrocarbon or fluoro). To make the whole waxing process even more effective we might dump the skis or the board inside the hot box after each application of wax and allow each layer to penetrate deeper inside the base.

Such a penetration is five times more effective and it allows you to ski at least 300 km of slopes without need of rewaxing. For an average skier who usually doesn’t spend skiing more than five days a year it means to pay just one visit to a ski service a have the skis waxed for as much as the whole season. Such a ski buff like me who spends every possible day out there on the slopes have enough wax for at least five days of intensive skiing without need to bother with waxing skis in a local cubby-hole. To refresh the edge sharpness will suffice.

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